DailyMotion de censure

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Vous vous souvenez de la lettre du patron de Titan il y a quelques semaines? Et bien voici la vraie fausse lettre que la patronne de Yahoo! n’a pas écrit à Arnaud Montebourg.

Dear Mr Montebourg,

« Les yeux dans les yeux you have so blue » as they say in France, let me tell you I love the way you dress. The thin blue and white line look so pretty that I tremendously feel like buying french t-shirts from now on. I love the way you cook too. That beautiful blender you hold so tightly in your arms recalls me of my last diner in Paris, quite a long time ago.

But more than anything, I love the way you’re doing business!

Honnestly, I really didn’t feel like buying that video thing you call « DailyMotion ». Remember Flickr and how healthy it was before my company (NDLR: Yahoo!) bought it a few years ago? What happend to it recently? Nada. Exit Flickr. Everybody uses Instagram these days, only a few photographs still use Flickr for personal use. So you’re move was a clever one, anticipating the future of DailyMotion when in our hands: cutting expenses, throwing awy french engineers to hire Indian ones (much, much less expensive). You **really** impressed me.

Of course, I’m a little bit disappointed I may have to cancel a trip to Paris or two I was planning with my team to celebrate the deal. Nevermind. Paris is still paris, and I will find another opportunity to buy those lovely Chanel dresses.

My best regards to your friend at the government, I will offer them a free account on Vimeo (or the next vide thing I will find shortly) so you can upload to holiday vids next summer.

Yours sincerly

Marissa M.

PS: oh, and congratulations to this video of you on DailyMotion. Brilliant.

Interview d'Arnaud Montebourg – France 2 – 02… par redressement-productif

Cet article vous a plu ? Pourquoi ne pas le partager ?