Vivek Badrinath, CEO d'Orange Business Services

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Vivek Badrinath, Orange Business Servcies CEO, is on stage.


One year after he arrived at the company direction, he provides very interesting hints on the company health, business and future orientations. Here are some of them (thanks to the global social media team, and espacially Greg Lesanto, for their ability to catch up the main messages):

  • 65% of Europeans interact with work using mobiles
  • Parents probably bought young employees better smartphones and computers than many firms provide
  • Close to 2/3rds of the working population interact with corporate services outside of work 
  • You can’t give employees mobiles to read their emails at 11pm but forbid them to use Facebook at 11am
  • So much talk about emerging economies – perhaps we need to stop calling them that and simply call our own ‘submerging economies’
  • 500 Chinese cities have more than 1m inhabitants – that’ a big market to tap into
  • We measure our progress by how happy our customers are with us
  • Orange Business have installed more than 400 telepresence rooms around the world 


Posted via email from Orange Business on Posterous

Cet article vous a plu ? Pourquoi ne pas le partager ?