Delivering business value through IT with cloud computing #live11

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Live reporting from one of the solutions sessions at Orange Business Live.


Why is the cloud option so present? There are several answers:
  • Agility is key: Cloud solutions are fitted for adaptability and evolutivity
  • Cloud allows economies of scale for large structure
  • Service delivery is much easier
  • Allows to focus on business, and not on IT delivery
  • IT monitoring can be simplier

Identifying the best cloud strategy is not that simple. The CIO has to understand the cost structure, work IN business (and not WITH business), prepare a transition plan (so true).

How can companies get there?

The ‘3S’ advantage: speed, security and scalability.

The network is critical, whatever technology you have on both sides (server farms on one side, LAN on the other)

Orange Business Services uses technology from Cisco, EMC² and VMware.

What is a typical cloud customer journey? Here it goes:

  1. cloud readiness assessment
  2. specific assessment
  3. proof of concept
  4. architecture design
  5. transition
  6. service management
  7. reversibility




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Cet article vous a plu ? Pourquoi ne pas le partager ?