New business opportunities with M2M #live11

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Live reporting from one of the solutions sessions at Orange Business Live.


Companies like Coyotte – yes, the famous radar detection system in France – have launched devices that have reached a very high nuber of connections. The only limit is the company imagination and innovation potential.

One of the key feature, is that the end user does not see or even pay the connectivity that’s inside the device.

One other example: car insurance. With Coverbox, a consumer now can pay for the number of kilometers (or miles) he or she drives. A machine to machine connection provides all the information required by the insurance company. This is already in place, for example, in the UK. A SIM card ins placed inside the device, that has its own GPRS connectvity. Using data from vehicles, insurance companies can manage risks, and provide innovative models.

Personal comment: this may raise some concerns regarding privacy, as data is not anonymous (by definition).

This is ideally suited for young drivers. They can even collect information on their real CO2 emissions!

What do you need to bring m2m projects to market?

  • hardware
  • connectivity
  • integration
  • applications
  • deployment & run

Orange provides solutions for every step:

  • hardware: Orange devices
  • connectivity: Orange International m2m Center (IMC)
  • integration: Orange Business Services
  • applications: Orange IT & labs
  • deployment & run: Orange Business services

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