Hilkhot Xmas – Les regles de Noel

L’humour juif peut atteindre des sommets, surtout lorsqu’il est capable d’embrasser plusieurs cultures d’un seul coup.

Un grand merci, donc à Robert, pour m’avoir transmis ces fabuleuses règles de Noel (Hilkhot Xmas), sorte de retranscription a la sauce talmudique des différentes prescriptions relatives à la préparation des fêtes de fin d’année. Et un grand bravo à ceux et celles qui les ont imaginées.

J’attends avec impatience la version en araméen, et le Rachi / Tossafot qui va avec.

Un petit exemple, relatif au choix du sapin.


1. Any species of tree is kosher for use as a Xmas tree, provided that it has needles and not leaves. In our lands it is customary to use a fir tree.8 It should be reasonably fresh, but not too fresh, in accordance with the principle "A Xmas tree with no fallen needles is like a sukkah with no buzzing bees."

8 If the lady of the house already has a fur, then any evergreen may be used.

2. The tree should be chopped down specifically for use as a Xmas tree; if it had been cut for lumber it is invalid. If the tree was cut for general decorative purposes, but not specifically as a Xmas tree, some authorities allow it while others are strict. A stolen tree is not valid for the mitzvah.9 Fortunate is one who is able to chop his own tree himself.10

9 One who cuts his own tree must make sure that he has permission from the landowner to do so. Ideally, cut only from one’s own backyard. A tree taken from a reshus harabim, such as the county park (which is actually a carmelis, not a reshus harabim,) is considered as stolen and invalid.

10 One who is unable to cut his own tree should make sure to purchase it from a reputable dealer, or one who is certified by a national kashrus organization. (…)

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